Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week 5: Shingles and Ventilation

I couldn't resist, so I had to go visit the house again this week!  The bricks were delivered, and they are supposed to start the brickwork on the house this week.  However, I'm betting that they won't start bricking the house until next week since it's supposed to rain the next few days.  The workers were working hard at putting the shingles on the house even with the impending storm looming in the distance.  There was also plastic all over the wood on the walls.  The ventilation system was complete, and the electrician was working on putting in the electrical wires today.  These workers definitely aren't slackers because this house building process is flying by!  I have been so grateful that we seem to have an awesome builder who wants to get the job done!  Here are pictures from today...

Brick for the exterior of the house


Close up of the brick

Close up of the back patio



Close up of the fireplace

Ventilation system

Ventilation system

Brick for the exterior of the house


View from the back/side yard

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