Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 6: Interior Brickwork and Drywall

This week, they are working on the interior brickwork and drywall.  They still have another arch of bricks to do in the dining room and living room, and then they will be done with the bricks!  Also, the drywall is complete.  I think they are planning on starting the floors this week.  We will have stained pine hardwood floors in the living room and dining room, tile in the kitchen and bathrooms and laundry room, and carpet everywhere else.  I'm working on picking out paint colors, which is harder than it sounds!  I am thinking about doing blue in Ryan's room and a Tiffany blue in the laundry room.  The kitchen will be a chocolate brown, and everything else will be a neutral brown/tan color.  We also have to go select light fixtures, knobs, faucets, and tile for the fireplace.  I have finally decided on pink/coral azaleas for landscaping.  I love azaleas...they are beautiful!  We are also planning on staining our fence after it is built so it will still look nice in a few years.  So if anyone has any experience with that, please give me some tips!  Here are pictures from this week...


Ryan's bedroom



Living room

Living room

View of the dining room and foyer from the living room

Master bathroom

Master closet

Master bedroom


Dining room

Circuit breaker

Master bathroom

Master bathroom

Shower in the master bathroom

Toilet room in the master bathroom


Hall to the garage

Laundry room

View from the kitchen into the dining room and living room



Dustin's workshop

View from the garage

Ryan's bathroom

Ryan's closet

Ryan's room

Front door

View from our front yard


View from Ryan's room

Living room

View of our house from across the street

The friendly neighborhood dog

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  1. So fun! I was excited when we bought our house, so I bet it's great building one!