Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Meet Ziggy

This is our dog, Ziggy.
She's a 5-year-old German Shepherd that we adopted in April.  She previously lived with an elderly lady who passed away in the Spring.  I knew I wanted a bigger dog, but I thought I wanted a puppy.  Dustin wanted a smaller dog like a Yorkie, and he definitely didn't want a puppy that might ruin our new house.  Anyway, we compromised and got Ziggy.  She has a heart of gold and has been the perfect dog for our family.  She is very patient with Ryan, and she makes it her life goal to protect him.  When he is outside playing with his friends, she goes with him.  She sleeps on the floor next to his bed every night.  We have all fallen in love with Ziggy.  She waits with me on the driveway for the school bus every day.  The highlight of her day is running to Ryan after he gets off the bus.  Her only fault is that she loves to dig.  My solution was to transplant all my plants to the front yard where she couldn't get them.  Now the backyard is free for her to roam and dig.  I am so thankful we adopted Ziggy.  I couldn't have picked a better furry companion!

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